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Our mission is to foster a love of learning by providing each child with a safe, nurturing, multi-cultural environment. Our early learning programs focus on each child’s unique interests, qualities, and potential to promote a strong foundation for life-long skills.

Healthy and Nutritious Food Menus

At Sunflowers Preschools, we value the role of balanced nutrition in supporting students' academic performance and overall well-being. Explore our diverse meal program that offers wholesome, tasty food options.

Preschool Uniforms

At Sunflowers Preschools, we believe that school uniforms play an important role in creating a sense of unity and belonging among our students. Our uniforms are designed to be comfortable, practical, and appropriate for the preschool environment. By wearing uniforms, our students can focus on their learning without distractions and can take pride in being part of the Sunflowers Preschools community.

Essential Supply Lists

At Sunflowers Preschools, we ensure our students have all the necessary tools for a productive and engaging school year. Our student supply list is carefully curated for each age level to ensure the children have what they need for their classes. We appreciate your cooperation in preparing your child for the school year ahead.