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Head Start/Early Head Start Programs at Sunflowers Academy & Preschools

Sunflowers Academy & Sunflowers Preschool is honored to partner with Miami-Dade Community Action and Human Services Department to offer Head Start and Early Head Start programs, supporting children's growth and development through a variety of services.

Head Start

Head Start programs are designed to promote school readiness for children aged birth to five from low-income families. These programs support the whole child's development through individualized learning experiences, health and development screenings, and family well-being services.

Program Benefits

Early Learning

We foster children's readiness for school and beyond through relationships with adults, play, and both planned and spontaneous instruction. Our programs focus on social skills and emotional well-being, language and literacy, and concept development.


We support children's perceptual, motor, and physical development, allowing them to explore and function in their environment. Our programs include health and development screenings, nutritious meals, oral health support, and mental health resources. We connect families with medical, dental, and mental health services as needed.

Family Well-being

Our programs support parents and families in achieving goals such as housing stability, continued education, and financial security. We strengthen parent-child relationships and engage families around children's learning and development.

Service Models

Head Start and Early Head Start programs offer various service models based on the local community's needs. Programs may be based in centers, schools, child care centers, family child care homes, or even at home through home-based services. In home-based services, dedicated staff conduct weekly visits to children's homes, working with the parents.

Early Head Start

Early Head Start (EHS) programs serve infants and toddlers under the age of 3, as well as pregnant women. EHS provides intensive, comprehensive child development and family support services to low-income infants and toddlers and their families, and to pregnant women and their families.


EHS programs aim to nurture healthy attachments between parent and child (and child and caregiver) by addressing the full range of a family's needs, from pregnancy through a child's third birthday.

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